Why whiten your teeth?

We all dream of bright white smiles that light up our faces. However, as the years pass and everyday pleasures like coffee, tea and wine are consumed, our tooth enamel wears down, resulting in yellow teeth.

Discoloured teeth are nothing to smile about, which is why teeth whitening has become more popular as a way of removing stains and restoring a more natural look.

What does tooth whitening involve?

While it's widely known that tea, coffee, tobacco and wine can cause stains, long term use of some medications and an overexposure to fluoride can also decay tooth enamel.

Our professional bleaching process begins with an oral exam, where we also take impression and craft a tray for all our patients. In a second session, the dentist runs through the system, answering questions and explaining how the bleach is applied in conjunction with the trays.

Our Whitening Procedure

Main Street Dental offers an affordable and self-managed At-home option to provide all its teeth whitening patients with the gleaming smile they desire. We provide you with a tailor-made take-home kit with an impression of your teeth and a custom-made tray. A special whitening gel is then provided for you to suit the level of whitening you desire.

Our patients are then ready to use their whitening kit at home, and when they need more bleach we are able to supply it, no appointment necessary at all.

Whitening your teeth could be a good option if you want a cosmetic white smile and want to eliminate tooth discolouration. If you are to choose our At-home teeth whitening system, you'll have something to grin about in no time!

The result is visibly white teeth that can become many shades lighter.

Contact your dentist at Main Street Dental Care, to organise a teeth whitening consultation, on 06 358 4102 or contact us with your enquiry by clicking here

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