Teeth Whitening

Teeth can discolour for a variety of reasons. If not due to the natural aging process, habitual reasons such as smoking, drinking coffee or red wine, or eating certain coloured foods can speed up teeth discolouring.

In a bid to restore teeth to their natural appearance and lustre, teeth whitening has become a popular treatment choice. Here at Main Street Dental, we offer the very best in DIY home whitening:

DIY home whitening kit: This safe and convenient procedure can be performed in the comfort of your own home and has a proven record for achieving successful results. Visit our dental clinic and we will cast a mould of your teeth in order to create a custom-fitted plastic tray. This tray is used to hold the bleaching agent so that it can be placed correctly over your teeth without affecting the gum area. Another plus is your dentist can supply suitable whitening gel concentration for your teeth.

Schedule an appointment with Main Street Dental today and one of our dentists will assess your teeth to ensure you're a suitable candidate for DIY teeth whitening treatments. Alternatively, we can recommend natural whitening methods to restore your teeth's lustre.

To learn more about our whitening service at Main Street Dental Care click here.

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