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Getting that bright, white smile doesn't have to be impossible - with an at-home DIY whitening kit provided by your dentist, you can get the results you've been looking for from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it's a birthday, your big wedding day or an important occasion such as a school reunion or graduation, flashing those pearly whites at the camera can make those cherished photographs all the more special.

What's included in a home whitening kit?

Take-home teeth whitening kits are tailor-made for your teeth. Using a dental impression of your teeth, custom whitening trays will be developed for you in the laboratory and added into your kit, along with a peroxide-based whitening gel.

To whiten your teeth at home, simply place the gel onto the trays, apply these onto your teeth, and wear them for the recommended amount of time.

At-home whitening kits are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. It can provide quick and effective results and is simple to carry out yourself, ensuring that you'll be ready to show off that smile come your big day.

As the results of this teeth whitening process are not permanent, you may need to repeat the process every 12-18 months.

Who can use take-home whitening kits?

It's important to note that take-home whitening kits are not suitable for everyone, and you should speak to your dentist to find the right dental solutions to suit your aesthetic and cosmetic needs.

For many other dental issues such as stained or washed out fillings, dark yellow or discoloured teeth, veneers may also be a suitable alternative that is more long-lasting than whitening.

Veneers are often used in these situations to provide an immediate aesthetic improvement to the appearance of the teeth. Using porcelain or composite materials, a tooth-coloured shell is bonded onto the surface of the teeth, masking most irregularities.

If you are considering teeth whitening or any form of cosmetic dentistry as a solution to improving the aesthetics of your smile, contact Main Street Dental Centre on 06 358 4102 or alternatively click here to leave an online enquiry.

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