A mouthguard is a removable shield worn over the upper teeth when playing high-contact sports in a bid to protect teeth, gum and jaws from dental injuries.

Although there are many mouthguard types available in the marketplace today, the New Zealand Dental Association recommends custom-fitted mouthguards administered by dental professionals, as they are more effective in preventing and reducing injuries to the teeth and jaws. This is because we will construct a mouthguard mould directly from your mouth that correctly fits over your teeth and around your gums.

Custom-fitted mouthguards from Main Street Dental offer an array of benefits. They are comfortable, allow you to speak clearly and breathe with ease. They are also worn by patients diagnosed with the teeth grinding disorder bruxism, promoting a better night's sleep and protecting teeth from being further worn down.

Schedule an appointment with Main Street Dental today to have your own custom-fitted mouthguard created.

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