Crowns and Bridges

Both dental crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetics designed to restore damaged or missing teeth. The difference being that a crown covers an individual tooth, whereas a dental bridge is recommended for patients who are missing more than one tooth.

Crowns: A crown can save and strengthen a damaged tooth, as well as improve its appearance, alignment, shape and function. Essentially, your dentist will prepare the damaged tooth for the crown (cap) which will securely sit on top of it. The result is a natural-looking, restored tooth. Crowns are recommended for patients needing tooth restoration, or to replace a large filling but do not have enough tooth remaining.

Bridges: Bridges are most commonly used to replace more than one missing tooth. Essentially, crowns are placed on the two teeth surrounding a gap. The bridge is then attached to these crowns to span across the missing space where the teeth are missing and fill it with an artificial replacement tooth. Bridges are a fast and effective alternative to dental implants and dentures.

Our team of dental practitioners are trained to apply, treat and remove crowns and bridges. Schedule an appointment at Main Street Dental today if you are missing teeth or need a replacement prosthetic.

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